Discogenic Low Back Pain – Frisco, TX
The spine specialists at OrthoTexas, Frisco provide complete diagnosis and treatment for various orthopedic conditions. They use advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques to provide relief from Discogenic Low Back Pain.

Discogenic Low Back Pain

Discogenic low back pain is a medical condition which occurs due to changes in the structure and functioning of the intervertebral discs. These discs lie between the vertebrae in the spinal cord and provide support and cushioning to the bones. Each disc is divided into two parts, the outer part or rim that consists of the nerves called the annulus fibrosus and the inner part called the nucleus pulposus. The inner part is a gel (comprises of 80% water) like structure and contains no nerves. A tear or rupture in the inner gel like nucleus may release certain chemicals into the outer rim which irritates the nerves as they come in contact with it. This type of back pain is generally chronic and sets in before the age of 60 years in most people.

Causes Of Discogenic Low Back Pain

  • Degeneration of the spinal discs due to ageing
  • Direct injury to the spine
  • A direct fall on the back
  • Drying up of the water within the nucleus with time may cause tears in the disc
  • Sports injury
  • Overuse injuries or fatigue
  • Vertebrae fractures
  • Obesity

Symptoms Of Discogenic Low Back Pain

  • Pain in the lower back which may be mild or severe
  • Pain may increase while bending, sitting or sneezing and coughing
  • Pain may radiate down into the thighs, groin and legs due to nerve pinching
  • Spasms in the lower back
  • Pain may occur due to some activity or could be spontaneous
  • Limited ability to move or perform daily chores

Diagnosis Of Discogenic Low Back Pain

  • Analysis of the patient’s symptoms and medical history
  • Discography- a dye may be injected into the spine for a better view of the discs to assess the damage
  • MRI scans or CT scans
  • X-rays
  • EMG

Treatment For Discogenic Low Back Pain

Non-surgical Treatment

  • Anti-inflammatory medicines, muscle relaxants and pain killers may be prescribed by the spine doctor
  • Core strengthening exercises may be recommended for enhanced stability
  • Corticosteroids may be injected in the affected part of the spine
  • Physical therapy may help to reduce pain
  • Use of a removable back brace may be helpful
  • The doctor may advise the patient to provide adequate rest to the back

Surgical Treatment

  • Surgical replacement of the damaged discs by artificial lumbar discs
  • Surgical treatment of damaged discs using minimally invasive procedures
  • Discectomy- surgical removal of about 10 percent of the damaged disc to alleviate pressure on the nerves
  • Surgical fusion of the spine

Prevention Of Discogenic Low Back Pain

  • Maintain an ideal body weight to reduce pressure on the spine
  • Maintain a proper posture
  • Follow proper mechanics and techniques while playing sports and exercising

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